2001 Silverado reg cab??

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by KrayzKajun, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. KrayzKajun

    KrayzKajun LawnSite Fanatic
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    lookin for a truck jus to pull my mowing trailers. I found a 2001 Chevy SIlverado reg cab long bed with 145,000 miles on it. It has a V8. Just yur basic work truck. body is in pretty good shape, few dings and dents. Its was a service truck for a local a/c company here.
    they are asking $2300obo

    dont have any pics! i figured if i get 2 years out of it i got my moneys worth! cant afford a nw truck right now, becuz i jus bought a house!
  2. Petr51488

    Petr51488 LawnSite Silver Member
    from NJ
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    Whats wrong with the truck you have now?
  3. KrayzKajun

    KrayzKajun LawnSite Fanatic
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    there is nothing wrong wit my silverado i have now, jus tht im lookin for a work truck one i dont hae to worry about the inside getting dirty or getting dings and dents on it!
  4. randosh4

    randosh4 LawnSite Member
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    So the new truck you are writing off is not a work truck ????
  5. buttaluv

    buttaluv LawnSite Senior Member
    from MidWest
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    I don't blame you...
  6. BillyRgn

    BillyRgn LawnSite Member
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    if it's like that with your new truck, then you should have bought a caddie,
  7. KrayzKajun

    KrayzKajun LawnSite Fanatic
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    id rather push a truck than drive a car!
  8. AL Inc

    AL Inc LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Kajun-Ive got a 2002 GMC Sierra with the 6.0. I've been real happy with the truck, no problems to speak of other than a fuel pump that died at about 90K miles. I've got almost 100K now and have no complaints about the truck, I still love it. For the money, I don't think you can go wrong, can you get maintenance records for the truck?
  9. KrayzKajun

    KrayzKajun LawnSite Fanatic
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    they all maintenance records. Shows oil change at every 3000 miles and tune ups every year. Its was fleet vehicle
  10. deere615

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    Doesn't sound like a bad deal, go for it!

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