2002 exmark lazer z hp 44” replacement deck trivantage


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new orleans,la
i have a ‘02 LZ 44” with a trivantage deck that I use for my own properties (SE Louisiana, lots of wet grass). I’ve never had a problem with the deck, do all my own maintenance on the machine, works great for me.

i came across ’02 Toro z master 44” with a sfs deck. Deck looks like its been patched together a dozen times and is crooked, falling apart, pulley hits the bottom of the frame when trying to lift it up, I bought it for spare parts, was told the engine was no good, but after I cleaned the carb and put on an air filter that wasnt completely clogged, fixed the choke, it starts right up & runs fine. (Its a 17 kaw, so I’ll probably find some oil leaks, but it looks good so far. Hydro oil was sludge but i changed that and put in a 10 micron napa filter , and all works well. ( i’ll change it again in 10 or so hours to be sure its cleaned out). Somebody put the brake shoes on wrong, so everything was bound up. I straightened that out and lubricated the mounting spacers & bolts, and the wheel motors now turn freely and brakes work correctly.

so basically, its a mower that is easily useable after a couple hours tlc and a liitle oil. Except I need a deck. I dont want a replacement toro sfs deck bc it looks like a PITA. A replacement trivantage (or whatever they stock as a replacement) from exmark is 1900++.

there a guy on ebay in dallas that has a triton 46“ for 600. Ive read the good and bad about triton decks, never used one myself, willing to risk that aspect. Does anyone know if a triton 46 will fit on the exmark/toro 44” mower frame?

I seem to recall when I bought it that there was a choice btwn 44 and 48 deck. But the triton is a little deeper ( I think 5” instead of 4” trivantage). are the rear strut mounts the same size And spacing? Will the deck lift without hitting the bottom of the frame? The chain mount points are less of a issue, I can weld them on wherever they need to go to line up with the frame. I cant find dimensions published anywhere to determine if the front to back length of the deck is the same or not.

I’ve read everything I can about the evolution of the exmark decks. It sounds like the trivantage is essentially the same as a UC series 3. Ive never used any other zero turn. Bought mine, took care of it, never had a reason to get a newer one. so I cant compare a trivantage to a triton or a UC , but its a moot point bc I cant find a 44 inch used deck anywhere.

appreciate all your help in advance.

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