2002 F-450 Crew Cab

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    I was just on the Ford Commercail site. Does anyone know what wheel base would need to be ordered for at least a 12 ft. dump be put on a F-450 Crew Cab 4x4? I priced the 200 in. was around 36,000. What ft. dump could be put on the 200in. truck, and about how much would the dump bed cost me? Just wondering if I could get it all for about 40,000-42,000? Thanks for the replies. BTW I did not know if the 200in, was for the whole truck or just the bed area, not including engine space?
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    200 inch would be the wheelbase, measured from centre of front wheel to centre of rear wheel.

    Can't offer much info on how long a bed that truck would take or what it would cost, I'm guessing 10' to 12' foot box depending on how far beyond the axle the frame extends.
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    Hey bud... I just picked up a 2001 f450 leftover w/ a 12'9" rugby grain body (14 yd). The wheelbase required for a regular cab w/ that body is 165"... I'm assuming for a crew cab it would be a 200". The price on the body I got was $7650. Now that is the price direct from the body co (dejana). The ford dealer was tryin to suck 8200 from me. Dont give in to these pricks... they will make enough $$ on the truck, do not pay more than cost for the body that you want!! Do your homework and get prices from all body companys in your area. Oh yeah, dont pay more than $1000 over invoice b4 cost of dump!!! They will try to give you every excuse, but be a prick (you have nothing to lose besides your $$) I got mine for $800 over invoice after 3hrs of arguing w/ the fleet manager. Total... $37,900 for a brand new '01 450xl diesel 4x2 reg cab. BTW, that rugby I picked up is sooo sweet bro, it's called the dominator, and you can check it out at http://www.rugbymfg.com By far the best body I've worked w/ in almost 10yrs in the biz. Good luck! -kj

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