2002 Ford F550 7.3 Failing Under Load

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by rawtoxic, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Marek

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    Lets take this in a new direction. Does this truck have a fuel tank mounted behind the axle ? If so is it metal or plastic ? If its a metal tank then it has delaminated and is clogging the screen in the fuel pump which is mounted in the tank and also sending partials into the injection system .
  2. slowleak1

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    The filtration system on the 7.3 is good enough that those particles dont ever reach the injection system.
  3. whiffyspark

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    I've had that happen on plastic 6,0 tanks as well. One completely trashed the whole fuel system
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  4. YellowDogSVC

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    Check for a ground problem, too. I've had that cause all types of problems on diesel engines.

    My '08 loses power like that and when i look at the turbo pressure it's not reading anything. I pull over, restart, and it works. I've got an extended warranty so I need to get it in but last time Ford couldn't recreate the problem. Watch your boost pressure too.
  5. slowleak1

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    VGT solenoid issue most likely. Get it in for warranty, if they tell you they can't re-create it they are FOS.
  6. ponyboy

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    Sounds stupid I had this in my 03 7.3 it was just the fuel filter
    Don't know how but that's all my issue was
  7. Marek

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    If this were true then Ford owes me over 5 k back then . I had the original tank replaced by for d with a tank that was supposed to of had a different lining then that tank went bad a few yrs later and has now been replaced by a poly tank
  8. treemover

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    Interesting thread....1. Not a boost leak, it would cause low power all the time. 2. I would look electrical, cam sensor, under valve cover harnesses, valve cover gasket plug. I am not sure if ford still sells a little plastic wedge that would tighten the connection between engine harness and valve cover gasket. 3. Fuel tanks arent really a problem, it is the foot on the pickup. there is a mixer valve on the pickup that aids in warming up the fuel and gets plugs and starts to suck air when less than a quarter of a tank. hutch mod fixes that. U also put an inline filter before pump, really helps alot. General maintenance google guzzle and 7.3, u may want to try powerstroke.org and dieslstop.com for your question. I would for sure be looking at the electric side of it
  9. AWJ Services

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    Aready provided the link. Made me work my butt off fixing mine.
  10. Mark Oomkes

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    I think you're kind of a fart smeller.

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