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    Where can I get the list prices on the new lazers, I'm interested in a 60" with the 27hp liquid cooled kaw. Do all dealers start with the same price, then go from there? When is a good time to buy? Can you get a better deal in the winter when things are slow, or in the spring when things start to move? Does the company give incentives to the dealers, or does the dealers volume dictate the price? Need a new Z before spring, but want to try to get the best deal I can find. :confused:
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    As a manufacturer we do not set pricing at the retail or dealer level. We have recommendations that we feel the product is worth but it's really up to your dealer to determine what he wants to sell it for. As far as looking for a deal, there may be a chance that you will find a 2001 hold over model that somebody may want to deal on but this is fairly unlikely since we had difficulty building enough of any of our riding mowers to meet the 2001 demand. Most dealers don't begin promo pricing until March or April but again this really depends on the dealer and the region. In truth we don't find much variation in pricing for a given region so you really want to look to the guy you want to service you unit.

    If you weigh into account the possible income that you can generate with this machine the initial investment is fairly insignificant. Now if you look at the added value a good servicing dealer can give vs. a dealer that may not be as up to the task you'll figure out who to deal with and it may not be based on price. If you go to our web site you can use the dealer locator to locate different dealers in your area and you can begin calling around to get price quotes. Our Suggested commercial sale price for that particular machine is $9499. If your dealer is in the ball park with that price he's being fair, anything less is a deal.

    Good luck


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