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2002 swz scag 61 inch

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I have a 2002 swz scag 61 inch walk behind. This machine has 2090 hours at present time. The engine had new rings gaskets and seals and a new coil in 2006 (1600 hours), also new seals in pumps. In 2009 (2005 hours) new wheel motors where put on.

This machine is the duel rear wheel model. The machine is a "beast" and will mow any hill around or any size area you have. It has been well maintained and garage kept. The only it needs is new blades before long.

The reason i am selling is i am getting older and perfer sitting more.

Please overlook the dirt on the mower in the is a orange "beast" that is used....not a yellow toy that is washed!!

For more information you can contact me on my cell: 276-233-0279.

Reading all the threads on the lawn site about stripes...i have one simple scag - have stripes!!

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We are asking $2000 for this mower. Our address is fries va.
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