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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MWS LAWN, Feb 6, 2003.


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    I've never demoed a toro, so I have no experience on one. I think I have found a good deal on one. It is a 2002 model 0 hrs. (left over). It is 72" cut with 25 kohler. It does not have the heavy duty air cleaner on it but he said he would install it for 100.00. I can get it for 7199.00 plus the 100.00 for the filter. The reason for the sell is that because of the drought and the terrain of the area that I live in (scalping), he was not able to sell it last year. I have two questions- Will it be comparable with my 2002 Lazer Z 23 h.p. 60" cut, and will it be enough power with the 25 h.p.? Keep in mind we cut all of our properties every week and the 23 h.p. on the 60" has more than enough power for the job. Thanks
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    The Toro Z-Master should give you a nice clean cut, ive got a 62" and its on its 4th season and does a verygood job. I run double blades on mine all yr long, have now for the last 3 yrs, It cuts as good as the exmarks i used both, but im going to buy a exmark 52HP for leave work in the fall.....Marks Mowing Service
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    That would have been a great deal here in Ga. I paid 6995 for the 52" 25hp with the air system already installed, so 200 more for the 72 is a deal. Plenty motor as well. LOL:D
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    Dont buy the toro unless you dont mind double and tripple cutting every lawn. Smooth cut..yes......does it chop clippings at all before discharging?? no!!!!! I just sold my Z master last season!
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    That price is not bad. I bought a 2003 Z-Master 62" for $6700 with a 23 hp Kohler. The super flo deck in my opinion is awesome. If you have to cut damp grass at times this deck works great. It does not clog. I hear the exmark deck mulches a little better but the deck seems to clog. Just my two cents worth.

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    Thanks for the replies. Beings we cut our properties every week growth will not be all to bad. I guess the exmarks just sell for a little higher, my 23 h.p. 60" cut sold for 7400.00 and that was for a deal (he said) for we bought a TT w/ it. I have no problems w/ the exmarks just thought I had ran into a deal.
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    MWS - Toro actually owns Exmark. Take a look at both units and I'm sure you will see they look almost identical. I heard the difference is the decks. We have a Toro where I work and I love it. I've also riden on Exmarks and love them too. I really don't see too much of a difference. I guess it would be more personal preference. Soft of like picking between a Chevy & GMC if you ask me. Also the place where we got ours it from Russo's Power Equipment in Chicago. The 23HP Kohler 62" Toro was around $6300 if I remember correctly. Plus no state sales tax since we are from Ohio. I didn't notice where you were, but it might be something to look into. They also have a web site, I don't remember the address, but I'm sure a quick yahoo search would find it.

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