2002 Walker MTSD 26 efi


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Decatur, Il.
A buddy of mine here in town is upgrading a coulpe of his walkers and is leaning towards selling this one. This one is a 2002 MTSD w/56" sd deck, Eng. hours are 1206. The serial number is 59428 Has one wheel in back and regular tires up front. Pretty good looking machine. He has not told me the price yet but I told him I would at least post it for him and see if anyone was interested. I will update post when I get a hard price. All he said was less than four grand..... Please contact me through PM and I will relay my number or his to you thanks A.J.

For some reason my digital camara wont upload on here but my phone will all day long, If some one can help me I will get the pics up ASAP. I am thinging the pictures are too big or good I am using my wifes big cannon rebel camara?????????I can email them too!