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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jslawncare, Jan 13, 2003.

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    Here is how I hink I will advertise for the 2003 Season. I am going to buy about 3000 door hanger bags and then with my flyers already created I will fold them in half and stuff them in. I am going to get custom labels that say my company name and all my contact information about my company, and then stick them on the outside of each flyer that I stuff. I should be delivering these flyers March 17-24th to about 3000 houses, mostly small neighborhoods (but im thinking of making 2 sets and charging more for the bigger lawns) and then passing those out while driving around. I also plan on getting magnetic strips custom made that say my company name, so I can stick them on the side of my truck as I drive around town. I am also thinking of getting a sign for the ramp on my trailer that I am purchasing. One last thing I am strongly considering, is that I can make some kickass websites, so I was possibly going to make a flashy website with information on my company and create customer accounts where they will be able to login (even pay w/paypal) and have all their information on when they paid..etc:D . I am hoping to do 30 yards a week (maybe 40). I have been doing this for 3 years already and already have a solid 20 customers under my belt, so we'll see. But I need cash for college and hopefully this can provide enough. What do you guys think?

    Jason Peterson
    Owner J's Lawn Care
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    This is the best way that i advertise. I tell all my accounts that for each new account they get me they wil get one free cut. only if it's an all year account. This way you only pay for advertising after you get the new accounts. You say you have 20 accounts right now so you will have 20 sellers working for you
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    how in the world are you going to have time for school. Im swamped right now, and im not even mowing. Im not sure what im going to do when its crunch time again. I only work 12 hrs mowing, with an aditional 6 hrs drive in school. Just remember that school is first.
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    Yeah it will be tough with school, but my dad and my brother can hold it off til i come back May 5th and help them out. I will be in full swing from May to August til I go back to school, and then my brother and dad can pick up the extra cash (they love it:blob3: )

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