2003 Chevrolet C5500 empty weight


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Hi everyone, I'm looking at a 2003 C5500 LB7 dump truck and I was wondering what the empty weight is? Standard cab, no L pack, 10ft? Body. What can these trucks legally haul? We mostly are a hardscape company, not a whole lot of landscaping but we do some. I have an f450 now and it only hauls 2.25 tons. Looking for something to haul 4-5 tons.


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Those are 19500# trucks. Probably weigh 11-12,000 empty depending on exact configuration. Around 4 tons legally.

My C4500 flatbed can carry 5-6 tons but you can feel it a bit.

If your gonna go over the 4-5 regularly get a 6500 and you can load it to 25,900#.


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Staunton VA
My c4500 lb7 14ft dump is 12000. Go with the 6500 if you can find one.