2003 dodge HEMI

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by TALLEY-HOE, Oct 29, 2002.


    TALLEY-HOE Guest
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    i just purchased a new dodge 3/4 ton gasser--hemi. haven't pulled much yet, but feels like some good horses in there. i got the quad cab so i can use for family trips also. anybody else got one of these?
  2. Mowingman

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    How many horsepower does that Hemi crank out?:)
  3. bubble boy

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    i believe its something ridiculous like 360.

    that engine from what i've read sounds awesome.

    TALLEY-HOE Guest
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    I think it is around 360 to 385 horses. they told me--don't remember. All I know is i'm still on cloud nine!!!!! Right now I'm getting right at 14 mpg which is a lot better than 7 mpg I'm getting out of my 1988 Chevy crew cab dually!!!!!!! The tough job is going to be keeping my wife from driving it!!!!!
  5. Randy J

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    Sounds like a cool truck. I'm partial to diesel myself, but it would be cool to say, "I have a hemi". And hey, 14 mpg out of a gasser with that much power, ain't nothing to complain about!
    Enjoy the truck.
  6. Ground Master

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    hp 345
    torque 385
  7. bubble boy

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    looking at my 2500 HD specs chevy has work to do
  8. Rob T

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    Just thought i would bring this to the top again.

    Anyone buy a new Dodge with the Hemi motor in it?
    If so tell us about it...
  9. brucec32

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    There are some Dodge truck owner websites I browse from time to time. I read that one 1500 Ram with a hemi did a 1/4 mile in about 15 seconds. Car mags also say that it feels faster than its specs.
  10. G. Moose

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    It's 345 hp......read it on their website.......that's alot for stock v-8 gasser....14mpg ain't bad.

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