2003 Dodge Ram 4X4 Hemi

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by summitgroundskeeping, Oct 31, 2002.

  1. summitgroundskeeping

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    We're looking at a new truck this year to buy pretty soon. We are going to possible plow as a sub for one of our friend's companies. We found a red 2003 Dodge Ram 3/4 ton 4X4 long bed (want a long bed) standard cab (don't want ext. or quad cab) with the new Hemi. I have heard really nice things about that new motor and I was wondering want you guys KNOW (not heard from a freind of a friend's brother type thing) about these new trucks. I have only sat inside the new 1/2 ton Rams and liked the space but not the interior. Are these good trucks? We can pick this one up for about $27,000 and 0% financing for 5 years so that is the main reason we are looking at this one.
  2. SIG

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    I can tell you this much-- I have a 1999 F350 Super Duty. This is the greatest truck I have ever Owned! 101,000 Miles- never had to have a front end alignement, still has not needed Brakes. I have a 8 ft Western Pro Plow on it and pull my trailer all the time. It really has been a good truck. My friends with Dodge's can't say the same thing (although I have never owned a Dodge). But I would tell you to really look at the Ford. I paid 23,200 for my Truck in 1999. I ordered mine so I had to wait almost 6 months, but well worth it!
  3. Randy J

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    Check out this post; Dodge Hemi . Personally I'm a diesel fan, but the hemi sounds like a great motor. And you sure can't be 0% interest on a new vehicle.

  4. Brickman

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    Over 127K and still on the first set of brakes and no front end work, or alignment at all. The first 100K were doing LC in town, stop and go traffic. The 27K have been towing a huge trailer with the complete load weighing more than Ford thinks should be carried on a F 450. I only hope that when I do do brakes that the new pads are identical to OEM.

    I love the truck.

  5. JasperStorm

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    Is there any proof that hemi heads are of any benefit in this day and age? This reeks of Detroit marketing (maybe Dodge was frightened by the GMC's "We're Professional Grade" marketing- "Yer a desk job candyazz yuppie, but you'll be a real man if you drive our alloy wheeled 4x4, er, I mean AWD, and don't be suprised if someone dumps a bucketful of dirt into the back of yer truck."

    You're not in '69-70 anymore, Dorothy
  6. CT18fireman

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    The Hemi head is a better overall design for efficiency. Whether running a carb or modern EFI it should result in more power and better mileage.

    Even Toyota made hemi heads in some 4 cylinders in the early 80's. Sparkplugs went right through the valve cover. Same result better power and mileage.
  7. Randy J

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    Heck I wouldn't care if the cylinders are square if it gets the mileage and horsepower discussed in the thread I referenced above.

  8. dforbes

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    sounds like a good engine, but I am also a diesel man. I have a 1994 3500 dodge with a diesel engine. Has 220,000 miles and hundreds of hours pushing snow. 14.5 miles per gallon loaded or empty. I have a snow removal contract which requires me to be there when they get a half inch of snow till its completely clean after snow quits. I can run 34 hours on a tank of fuel. Like it so much I bought a 2002 dodge quadcab with the diesel. Kept the old truck still has a lot of life. I wouldn't ever buy a new truck that wasn't diesel. You may want to look at this engine also. good luck in your desision.
  9. AltaLawnCare

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    Ddoge needs to stuff that Hemi is a Dakota, or better yet, a Sebring.:D

    Cummins is doing a great job of Hauling Dodge Azz.
  10. Brickman

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    That is awesome, but the COOL thing with the PS is that it does a great job of hauling MORE than just the trucks azz around. :D

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