2003 Ford F350 Dump

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by rocklandls, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. rocklandls

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    Hey all- I found a 2003 Ford F350, 6L Diesel Dump truck. The truck has 88,000 miles an it, and the dealership wants 18k for it. Its in really good shape. My question is does anyone have a similar truck to this, and have you had any problems with it. Thank you
  2. moores

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    To be honest with you that price seems alittle high to me I have seen them as low as around 16k around here.
  3. Krafty

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    I just bought a 550 with the 6.0 in it with 4,200 miles and I only gave 18k for it. I know I got a good deal on mine but that does seem a little steep to me also. So far no complaints with the 6.0 we shall see tho. I think you should keep looking a lot of contractors will be dumping thoes type of trucks soon so they dont have to carry them over the winter.
  4. Gravel Rat

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    A F-350 is too light you don't have any payload. Go with a 450-550.

    The only difference between a 450 and 550 in the 02-07 years is the rear springs. They use the same amount of leaves but the 550 springs have a higher spring rate to give them more capacity.

    The rear axle is exactly the same the 550 has a higher axle rating but it is the exact same axle in the F-450 that is rated lower. The brakes are the same the frame is the same the wheels and tires are the same.

    A 19,000lb gvw F-550 isn't much different than a F-450 with 15,000lb gvw.

    The longer wheelbase 550s with 19,000lb gvw have a frame insert behind the cab.

    The older F-450s and F-550 pre 2002 are not the same. The F-550 uses a 135 Dana which is bigger than what is in the current F-550 trucks which is the S110 axle. The older F-450s used the Dana 80HD which is still lighter than the current S110 in the F-450s today.

    I have up on using F-350 trucks years ago they are not worth buying in a cab and chassis.

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