2004 Chevy 1 Ton & 10 Foot Dump/ Contractor Box

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by ezgoman, Feb 6, 2006.

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    I have for sale a 2004 , 1 ton Chevy 3500 w. a 10 foot dump / contractor box with a GVW of 16,400 lb. The truck has a V8 Vortex engine with auto trans. White in color with a black box w. extensions made of oak plank with diamond plating on them and a diamond plate under box, tool box. The truck was bought new in early summer of 2005 and only has 11,000 miles on it and has a 3 year or 30,000 mile warranty on it yet. Ive looked the net over and because I'm not a dealer I couldn't come up with a price for it so I'm going to start it out at $25,000 O.B.O. as its cost last summer was $32,000 all setup. The truck has no dents or any thing its in perfect condition. If there is any interest I will come back here and add pixs if I can or email them. I have another Dodge truck listed on Plow Site so which ever one sells first, I will keep the other one. I cant afford 2 trucks. Thanks

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