2004 f550 6 litre in shop again

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Jamie James, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. Marek

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    Well , what did you find out ? Did they find the problem with the truck ?
  2. Moto52

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    Someone has to buy it new so you can buy it 10 years later, if no one spend there money this economy would be way worse then it is now so what your saying doesn't really work. you would be out of work cause everyone would to to cheap to pay someone else to cut there lawn!...
  3. Marek

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    I wouldny want one of our trucks when are done with it. We buy new , it has a warranty and you know what that truck will cost for 3 - 5 yrs. It all depends on your needs. Down time is the worst thing to me. Hate it when something is in the shop . Yet another way to look at , the truck only gets you to and from the job, its your equipment that makes you money.
  4. Gravel Rat

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    With the 6.0 you really have to be carefull on who has worked on it. Many Ford dealers didn't know what they were doing with the the 6.0. Some trucks had bad problems from dealers trying to fix something and it snow balls into something else.

    I own two 6.0s a 2003 which is supposed to be the "Bad" year I have replaced the turbo and the ICP sensor and a couple EGR valves. The truck was serviced by the previous owner that took it to a dealer that could work on 6.0s. The dealer in my area is pretty good with 6.0 trucks.

    My second 6.0 it is a 2006 the dealer I bought the truck from has a Ford mechanic that knows the 6.0 inside and out and said the truck I have is good.

    Fuel quality is important with the 6.0 I buy from one place 90% of the time they did have problems with their fuel until they started getting multiple complaints and the fuel is back to normal again. The place sells hundreds of gallons of diesel in a day.

    I maintain my 6.0 trucks regulary and running synthetic oil and motorcraft filters through out. I let my trucks warm up before I drive them I don't excessivly idle my trucks soon as I feel the turbo has cooled down I shut the truck off. I drive my trucks fairly hard to keep the turbo working.

    The fuel filter is drained regulary and I collect what ever has been drained out and see what comes out. I keep track if I'am getting water in my fuel I never go till the water in fuel light comes on.

    My trucks are always run with no less than half a tank of fuel less chance for condensation and I never run it so there is a possibilty to suck up the crap in the tank. It is very rare to never I get below the half tank mark.

    The last thing I'am the only driver nobody else drives my trucks not even my brother or my dad.
  5. ZTR_Diesel

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    Not my problem.

    With that sort of advice, more and more folks would be taking 60% of thier combined income and placing that into thier housing. How long would that last?

    Everyone has differances in their values. You don't have to agree with me, you also don't have to attack someone you disagree with either. Thanks. :)
  6. Moto52

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    Holy take it easy man I didn't know I was attacking you...
  7. bentley3141

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    Ive had my 04 f-550 since it was new i have 120XXX on it and havent had any problems with it "knock on wood" except my EGR cooler went out two months ago,ford wanted $2500 to fix it but i found a commercial truck dealership that did it for $1300 this truck will do anything and everthing i want it to do! ive had it over weighted once before and put it in tow/haul and it did marvolous! good luck with your's bro! i must have got one of the few only decent trucks.
  8. Jamie James

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    I got my truck back.......... Maybe I should not be knocking any trucks due to the fact they all have problems at some point.

    If I was to buy another truck I would get a new or newer GMC pickup, 2500 HD diesel or gas...............

    I have talked to many landscapers,,,,,,,,,, and they run chev and gmcs :cool2::hammerhead::cool2::hammerhead::cool2:

  9. MileHigh

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    EGR valve.
  10. Twitchy

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