2004 Kubota ZD28 / 60" 1200 hours Minnesota

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    2004 Kubota ZD28 with 60" Pro-deck.

    Transmission is redone per update from Kubota, with warranty until 2008.

    120x hours on it. I believe it was 1203 when I looked at it today in the corner of the shop, so by the time I get it out, get it cleaned up, get pictures, run it around, etc., it'll have 1204, 1205 somewhere in that neighboorhood.

    I currently have a trailer hitch on it, I use it for pulling my 1080 Trac Vac bagger.

    Shipping from zip code 55079 if you're interested, I DO have access to shipping companies, but buyer pays.

    $7,000 / bo.

    I'd guess-timate, going off of www.uship.com that shipping will run between $500 and $1000 if you're near either cost, costs obviously being less towards the middle of the country.

    If you're within 200 road miles of me, I'll deliver it for $200 more.

    PM me, or respond.


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