2004 super z new engine recomendation

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    I have a 2004 super z 72 inch deck that i want to repower. Right now i have 25hp on it looking for something bigger with out alot of modifications.
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    Sorry about the late reply. I just got back from spring break with the family today. I'll have to do a little digging to see your options. Repower of a 9 year old machine may take some re-wiring if you want a bigger horse power. The FX 850 would be rated at 31hp using the same formula as your 25. Let me see what the options are.

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    What we usually recommend is the FX850V-AS12R, which is used in the new models and will fit the old frame. This engine comes with the air cleaner package. I doubt that the older FX850V with spec BS08-R is available. They could try. The new engine would require a new oil cooler mount and muffler. Your Hustler dealer should have access to the parts to install the new engine. You would need to go to an early 2010 XR7 super z parts manual with the engine package for the part numbers. By going to hustlerturf.com you'll find links at the bottom for the service and parts manuals. Then you would need to get the engine through Kawasaki Product Service Representative. Check out all the prices before you make that leap.

    Brian O

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