2004 Walker 26EFI Loses Power


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New Mexico
Hello everyone. I have had some bad luck recently with a Walker mower I purchased about a year ago. Details below , brief history of issues the mower ran great for the first few months however from one day to the next I started having problems which i haven’t found a fix for yet. I took it to the local Walker deal for diagnosis and he stated the unit would not communicate with his Digital Wrench tool. He says he checked many of the electrical connections but had no answer for what could be causing the problems , he recommended changing the wire harness and potentially the ECU upgrade and told me to try another dealer
2004 Walker GTS SN 66062
Issue : Mower starts fine and begins to idle fine. After a few minutes ( sometimes longer than others ) the engine starts to lose power and slows to a crawl. This happens either at idle or with the blades engaged. Will occasionally rev back up but not consistently. Also do see varying amounts of dark smoke coming out of the muffler when it isn’t running well.
Fixes attempted : Drained fuel and filled with quality fuel , checked electrical connections , unplugged battery and ecu. Also have checked codes and none are displaying.
any help would be greatly appreciated as this walker is my only machine and has put me out of work on commercial jobs.

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