2005 928 GHopper Belt Problems

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by digger1, Jun 6, 2005.

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    anyone have a new 2005 Hopper 928 and experienced belt problems on the hydros?? in 50 hours, the left pump has thrown the belt off 3 times. dealer picked up unit twice and "fixed". third time the belt came off, i came unglued. the factory rep picked up the mower and said that they (ghopper) are having a belt "problem". i strongly disagreed with him as did my mechanic since we have had 5 gas units (725's and a 932) unit over the past 10 years with no belt problems.
    last week got a call from the factory supervisor and gnawed on him about the problem and told him that i did not buy the "belt" issue and that there was an alignment problem in the idler pulley arm system. he said that they would pick the unit up at the dealer and return it to the factory and give it the "once over". the rep told me that his territory has had 3 or 4 units acting up also but gets the "belt problem" answer from the factory. my dealer informed me "off the record" he has a municipal customer having the same problem.
    if anyone else has had this problem, would be interested in hearing from you on what you have done to correct the issue or your experience. thanx!

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