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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jpmako, Oct 20, 2004.

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    How many are sending them out soon?
    I would like to sign up my existing residential customers for next year within the next month or so this way I know how many new clients I need to acquire for next year. I have revised my Service Agreement, and would really appreciate some feedback on it.

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  2. BryPaulD

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    looks nice to me. Small detail - the word "work" is capitalised in the description. The third word in in a new sentence. Other than that I think it looks very nice.
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    I will be getting mine out within the next month or so. Looked at your service agreement, and upon a quick inspection it looks pretty good. I will read in depth a little later and give you any ideas that I have in mine that you may want to consider - not that I am an expert at all, but I like to get as many ideas as possible to incorporate into my business.

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    Looks professional and well thought out.
    I'm skeered to have in writing keeping the beds hand weeded / sprayed, there are way too many PITA's out there for me I guess.

    Question: not to get off subject though. I see that you offer aeration and seeding services in the spring and it looks like u sub out the fertilizing. Aerating and seeding after the pre-emergence is applied is sort of counterproductive, isn't it? The idea of pre-emergence is to form a barrier on top of the soil to prevent the emergence of crabgrass etc. Poking holes in the ground will break that barrier. I see it in drought conditions when ground cracks, that's where the crabgrass comes in. When we seed, we like to do it in the fall when given a choice, it gives the roots a chance to develop deep before the stress of summer comes and burns them up.
  5. jpmako

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    Usually I just do the spot seeding in the early spring.
    If this is the case than either one of two things are done.
    1. No pre-emergence
    2. Tupersan is a product that allows somewhat effective pre-emergent weed control while not interfering with germination.
    I usually aerate in late July, early August as a preventative measure in case of a drought. I have noticed a huge difference in the resilience to drought as compared to a very compacted/ non aerated lawn. Plus it never hurts to Overseed when you aerate.
    You are right that the ideal time to seed is in the fall, and I also recommend that to my clients if there are still some thin spots in the turf, or areas that need to be reseeded. One thing I hate though is the timeframe in which it has to be done. It always seems to interfere with fall clean-ups.

    As far as the beds are concerned I charge alot of money for that service, and my clients know that there are still going to be those occasional weeds popping up. But for the most part if there is a good layer of mulch or stone in the beds, there is not a lot of weeding to do.

    Thanks for the critique these are the kind of things that I am looking for.


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