2005 Cub Cadet Tank M60

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    I am looking to upgrade to a 72" Cub diesel, so, I am selling my current mower. The mower is in great shape! It has the 28hp Kohler EFI. I have ran this mower beside of a identical mower except the other mower had the 27hp Kohler carb motor, and my mower used approximately 40% less fuel that the 27hp Kohler carb motor. This mower is very easy on fuel and is almost as efficient as a diesel. It has approximately 430 hours. It has been very well maintained. I have only used synthetic oil. The oil and filter was changed every 50 hours. The following upgrades were made: I had a suspension seat added at cost of $250. I added the light kit at a cost of $150. Finally it also has the upgraded tires to the all terrain kit from cub. The mower runs great and mows very nice. I have never had any problems with the mower. I purchased the mower new in March of 2005. A new mower like this one would cost you $7,950 without the additional acessories and sales tax. I will take $6,900 for the mower, anyone interested can pm me or call me at 606-595-0110. Ask for Roger.

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    I have found the 72" Cub Tank mower I was looking to purchase. I will reduce the price to $6,000 firm. I will try to post pictures later.
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    still for sale??

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    The mower is currently for sale. If you are interested, you can call me at 606-595-0110. Roger

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    I have attached pictures of the mower. Roger.





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    I did not wash the mower prior to taking the pictures. These pictures were taken before fall cleanup. Roger
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    I know this is old, but why were you using all Terrain tires? Didn't this rip up the grass?

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