2005 Dixie Chopper has poor cut quality

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dougslawn, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. dougslawn

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    I have a 2005 Dixie Chopper Flatlander. It has their new for '05 deck with an extra fixed baffle at the discharge to "speed up" the clippings as they leave the deck. This mower has never really cut right since new. The deck is leaving two streaks of uncut (or unevenly cut) grass which line up with where the blades should be overlapping. It is especially noticeable when mowing around a curve. I have tried high-lift blades, the x-blade setup to get more lift, the front baffle up and down, and have tried different deck pitches. Right now the deck pitch set to where the front is 1/4" lower than the back--saw this on another post. Is there anything else that has worked for someone else? Thanks in advance.
  2. FrankenScagMachines

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    Have you taken it to have the dealer look at it? If no, why not?
    If yes, and they can't fix it, then tell them to give you your money back, then go buy an Exmark like you should have done the first time.

    Next option, take the mower to the factory at Greencastle, IN and I personally guarantee they will look at it for you and fix it there. They are top notch people. The main reason I am not using one right now myself is because of dealers. I prefer the Exmark Lazer and have always loved my TTHP walk behind, but I could run a Dixie if they ever get their decks figured out... seems like they have always had deck issues and are CONSTANTLY tweaking the decks and have never had one style deck very long. As far as I know, Exmark has had the same deck since new and always had perfect cut and discharge.....

    But anyway good luck and I know if your dealer is no good you might should think about switching brands, but the people at the factory are top notch and I would recommend them anyday for service... they just need to get their decks and their dealers figured out then they will be pretty good.

    BTW, I'm not too far away in Columbus, IN. Let me know if you ever need anything. Also I have a friend in Beech Grove that runs 6 or 7 Dixies, he can set you up with a good dealer in the Indy area if you need.
  3. 2manymowers

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    My 2005 XT3200-72 was streaking occationally, so here's what I did. Raised the front skirt all the way up. I had lowered it to reduce blowout, but I'd rather have blowout than streaking. Also, I adjusted the deck pitch on a flat cement floor to about 1/4" reverse pitch. Thats the rear of the deck is about 1/4" lower than the front. 3rd, I also added a couple flat washers to each spindle to lower the blades a little more. I should get some of the blade spacers, but the DC dealers around here don't stock them. After changing these 3 things, my chopper doesn't streak much at all, unless of course I try to run it too fast for the grass conditions.
  4. dougslawn

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    Thanks for the advice. My mower is at the dealer today-- it always just a pain to get the mower to my dealer. He is about an hour away. There is a closer dealer, but I won't go to him anymore as he has not always been honest. The dealer I have now is very good--but will also not be selling new Dixies anymore.

    Probably should have bought the 27horse exmark for the same price. I have just really grown accustomed to the drive system of the Dixies. Thanks everyone for the advice.
  5. Mr.Mow-It-All

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    Well good luck.

    I bought a new xt3200-72 at the begining of the year and had problems since day one with the streaking problem. All the times it was at the dealer to "be fixed" They gave me loaners that were 60" and did the exact same thing. They finaly put one of theese new decks on, that was new for 05 and supposed to have fixed the problem. They told me it now was actualy a 71" cut because they brought the front blade up a little and the outside blades in a little. Sounds like that ought to fix it right. WRONG!!!! It was worse than the old deck. AFter 130 hours of dealing with this problem they (dixie chopper) just gave me my money back. All the loaners I used did the same thing(5 different ones), not as bad, but I still would not have been happy with them either.
    What I can't belive is that all these dixie owners just put up with the problem. It drove me crazy and looked like crap.
    So I ended up buying a ferris is 4500 and love it. Cut is ten times better than the 6 different dixies I used!
  6. Richard Martin

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    Streaking is a very real issue although the factory tried to deny that it even existed for a long time. I have a 2003 XT-2800-60 that I bought used with 29 hours for $4500 last fall. Although I haven't had any problems with streaking I did have trouble with clumping in heavy grass. I followed the factory recommendations and went to work on the discharge with my 4-1/2" cut off wheel and fixed it.
  7. 2manymowers

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    What I have not figured out is why some people, like me, had streaking part of the time, some people have streaking all the time, and some people never have streaking, all with the same models of Dixie Choppers.

    Mr. Mow-It-All, did your dealer come out to see your mower streaking? What did your dealer do to the mower to try to "fix" the streaking problem?
  8. Lawnworks

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    I think the front baffles on the mower have alot to do w/ the streaking problem. I left my leaf baffles on from winter and had a streaking problem. I took them off and put on the stock one and did not have any more problems.
  9. bmurrell

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    I think it is the guy on the mower not the dc ! bmurrell
  10. Lawnworks

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    wtf are you talking about? I am pretty sure it is not operator error.

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