2005 Dodge Cummings Diesel 2500HD

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    Anybody own one of these trucks? If so could you please tell me if this is a good choice for a truck. I will be pulling my lawncare trailer with it and in the winter I will plow with it.

  2. wissel_landscaping

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    my cousin had one, nice truck he traded it in on a 05 dodge dually the dually had less than 2k miles on it and the motor blew (diesel) the dealer put a new motor in it then the tranny was acting up so he had the dealer buy it back and he got a 05 f350 dually (diesel) and the turbo blew right through the hood the dealer fixed it and he traded the ford in and now he has a chevy 2500hd (duramax diesel) he loves it he said his dodge 2500 was a nice truck but this new chevy has way more power.
  3. nobagger

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    My neighbor just bought one last month. He bought it for towing his 31ft camping trailer, he said you wouldn't even know its there. They have I think 365hp and 610 ft lbs of torque! Plenty of power for towing any size trailer.
    Plus he said he averages over 20 miles per gallon. towing or not.
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    That fish was this <------------> big! Nice one.
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    The turbo blew through the....? What? That would have to be a first.

    I'd say that fish was <--------------------------------> this big! ;)
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    a chevy 2500hd (duramax diesel) he loves it he said his dodge 2500 was a nice truck but this new chevy has way more power.

    I think the fish size is off the scale. :)
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    Duramax has more power than a cummins??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..., whoops, sorry, I fell on the floor I was laughing so hard.
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    Duramax would beat the Dodge in a drag race and even up hills but for best fuel mileage and power the Cummins is the better engine. Leave the V8's to race cars and give me my I-6 to pull.

    The Chevy has the better tranny Auto but for the money difference in the 2 trucks you can upgrade the Dodge 48RE transmission with a new torque converter and have all the power/torque put to the ground. Plenty of info on other forums such as TDR and DTR website about the Dodge.

  9. efaubert1

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    In the realms of trailer pulling the new Dodge does great. My buddy has the 05 3500 Dually, and pulls a 36ft, 17,000 pound horse trailer weekly with it. For a 8,000 pound enclosed trailer including equipment I bet the 2500 would work great. And though a Ford lover I am, the Cummins is a great engine.
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    I have a 2500 srw 2wd with a auto cummins. Fast ass truck when you get into it. Only problem is the torque converter is really crappy. 1150$ for an aftermarket upgrade but it makes a world of difference.
    BTW, i think the fish was this
    <------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> big LOL

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