2005 exmark navigator pump knock

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by A New Image, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. A New Image

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    i have a 2005 exmark navigator with 35 hours on it.. there is a knocking noise at idle and a little above comming from the area of the hydro pumps. you can notice it when driving at low speed working the left lever.... its not real loud but it can be heard easy enough long as you are not running mower deck... i read the manual and it said could be air in system or clogged filter so i changed the filter and tryed to bleed the air the way the manual said, no change in noise.... i don't know enough of hydrolics to know if they are just noisy by nature...any ideas????? thanks
  2. Volreed

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    We have a handful of exmark lzs with all about the same amount of hours. I don't have an answer but ours are knocking at the idler pump. Its the drive belt aka pump belt tensioner knocking against the stopper. The knocking isn't catastrophic but I'm worried if it may be something else causing it. Nothing in The pulleys duh. I've rebuilt the idler pump tensioner even though it didn't have a lot of play. Now I guess I'll just have to replace The spring. It seems too tight to me though since it's slapping The stopper. The mowers have always had gate's belts since after the first oem belt wore out. Now we've gone back to oem and this has started almost immediately.
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    I have a 2013 Navigator. And as soon as u engage the Pto I get a slight knock from the gear box... ThT goes away with more rpm

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