2005 Exmark trade for 2007 Bobcat

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bfstrider, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. bfstrider

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    Looking for opinions on this.
    I have a 2005 Lazer HP with 40 hrs on it. It is a 52" TriVantage deck with a 20HP Kohler. I have had no problems with the mower. I'm thinking of trading for a 2007 Bobcat ZT219 that has a 19HP Kawasaki engine and a 52" deck. One reason I'm thinking of trading is to have 1 dealer for all my equipment. The dealer I'm talking to is also more convenient to me. The Exmark dealer is 30 miles away where this dealer is 10 miles from my house. I would also have a 2 yr. newer mower with a suspension seat. It also looks as if Bobcat has done some upgrades on their deck. The Bobcat also looks to be a little easier to service than the Exmark.
    The Bobcat dealer will give me 5000.00 for the Exmark plus I will pay 1500.00. I've compared the 2 mowers and the bobcat seems to be built as good as the Exmark. What do you all think of the Bobcat? Is this a good trade and do you think the Bobcat is as durable as the Exmark? Should I keep what I have.
    Thanks for the replies in advance.
  2. bfstrider

    bfstrider LawnSite Member
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    Out of all the members on this forum I can't believe there have been no replies. Someone is bound to have an opinion on this thread. Hope I haven't stumped anyone.
  3. bfstrider

    bfstrider LawnSite Member
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    This is bad. I keep replying to my on thread.
    It's hard to believe that with the vast knowledge and experience on this site no one has an opinion/idea concerning this topic.
  4. accuratelawn

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    Keep the Exmark!
    So what is the dealer is 30 miles away. I have 1100 hours on my hp. It has been in the shop twice. Spindle bearings and a regulator.
  5. iowa

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    Why get a new mower if this one is just fine?
  6. sutliffe

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    $1500 additional bucks for no apparent reason. How long do you expect to stay in business?

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