2005 Ford F350

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Junior M, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Junior M

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    What are some common complaints from a 2005 6.0?

    Any complaints about the 2005 F350 in general?
  2. THEoneandonlyLawnRanger

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    fordtrucks.com is a super forum that has a 6.0 section with tons of knowledgeable guys im a member there also......the 05's are better than the 03-04 models but they still have their fair share of problems. Some of the biggest are injectors and turbo problems. Definately check out that website if you have a chance you'll get alot more info on there than you'll ever need probably.
  3. bobcat_ron

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    Ditch the emissions and it will run cooler and cheaper on fuel, I just put another 100 kms on my F450 and the fuel needle still hasn't moved.
  4. PTSolutions

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    ya, when we looked for a 6.0L i narrowed my search to ONLY 06-07 years, safest bet. i know there are guys with no issues on their earlier models, but i just wanted to play it safe.

    get an oasis report on the truck your looking at as well, our 06 had 82K with a clean report and she runs great!
  5. Gravel Rat

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  6. jwsland

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    I have owned two f.350's with 6.0's. The old one an 05, the current one an 06. The 05 was in a bad accident and was totaled. I had problems with the 05 because I heavily modified it ultimately resulting in the factory head bolts stretching out and my head gaskets failing. Once I deleted the factory egr system and had arp head studs installed the truck was amazing. I beat the heck out of that truck for 125k with towing, drag racing and sled pulling. I liked the 6.0 so much that I bought the current 06 used with 108k on it. Flawless oasis report, not a single warranty claim! The current truck has minor modifications but no major power adders that will cause catastrophic failure.

    The early years 03-04 seemed to have more problems than 05-07. The 6.0 got a bad rap right away but its not a bad engine. If you have the time or money to fix the factory weak points (mainly the egr system components) you'll have a great engine!

    If you plan on buying one get an oasis report from a ford dealership. Its a report of all warranty work done by ford on that truck within 100k miles.
  7. Gravel Rat

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    If you remove the emissions and head stud the engine it makes it stronger than the 7.3 will ever be. The 6.0 uses a two piece block or bed plate that makes the block strong it keeps it from twisting.

    I will never own a 7.3 PSD they are too noisy they don't have the power a stock 6.0 puts out and they don't get the fuel mileage.
  8. Kleen Cut

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    Become a member on www.powerstroke.org you will learn alot there, The are great when they run good, lots of power easy to mod, when the have problems, dont ask!

    I had an 03, head gaskets, 2 egr coolers, ipr valve, injectors, cracked turbo pipes.

    I would take the chance on another one though
  9. cpel2004

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    How would you know if you got a good one or bad one?
  10. jwsland

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    Agreed, powerstroke.org has a great forum and I've learned alot there.

    You can obtain an "oasis" report from a dealership that contains a list of all warranty work performed on a specific truck. Most major engine components are warrantied for 100k so you'll get a pretty good idea if the truck has had many problems or not.

    The second 6.0 I bought didn't have a single warranty claim on its oasis report!

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