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2005 husqvarna problem please help


LawnSite Member
fayetteville nc
Hey guys my name is Brandon im new to the forum but i have a 2005 husqvarna riding mower and when you start it black smoke and oil comes out of the muffler. Please dont tell me the motor is bad in it it has less than 20 hours on it what do yall think it could be thanks!


LawnSite Senior Member
Welcome to Lawnsite ! First of all before starting a thread here please read the "Sticky Post" at the top of this forum regarding helpful info. Second, the black smoke likely indicates flooding and if oil is coming out of the muffler my first suggestion would be to check your oil level and when you pull the dipstick check to see if the oil smells like gasoline. If it is overfull on oil and smells like gas then you have a flooding issue with the carb.