2005 JD 317 available $16,000. with pictures

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    Update 10/06/07 SOLD This is a 2005 JD 317 Plain Jane skid steer loader, Open ROPS, 72" bucket with teeth and shanks, 10 X 16.5 tires probably the original, not foam filled. JD style controls with auxiliary hydraulics. The machine runs normally, no obvious issues that I found, the oil looks good and it does not have excessive exhaust smoke. The suspension seat is good, the sheet metal is good and the paint is good. The tires are fair, there are a couple of lights that need lenses and some paint scrapes around the front of the loader arms, the lower right tie down loop is broken. The machine was being used as a yard mule when I did the inspection so I didn't get to dig with it, however, I did get to drive it around and run it for about 1/2 hr. The bucket has a crack in the cutting edge by one shank but it looks good with very good teeth and shanks. This is a vertical lift machine.






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