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2005 TTHP New Purchase

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by khutch, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. khutch

    khutch LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 495

    On the wish list for 2005 is a new TTHP. Looking at 48-52-60.
    Terry, I've heard you comment on the 60's superior cut. Why is that? What actually increases the quality of say a 36". Some would think it's just a wider cutting path....

    Money often is an issue. Could you break down the prices for these units.

    Is an electric start a "must have". What price increase do you pay for it?

    Any negative issues w/the 52"? I might lean towards the 52" because of all the blades I have for my 36". (Kind of a lame reason.......)

    Any reader comments on these mowers would be helpful.

  2. eXmark

    eXmark Manufacturer / Sponsor
    Messages: 4,258


    I'm not sure why the cut quality improves as you move up in cutting width but when cutting conditions get difficult you can really see a difference.

    As far as the 36" goes it too is a great cutting deck. I ran a 32" for years (which is nearly identical) and ended up giving it to my dad. I now use a 21" and have tired a variety of 21's and to be honest I've yet to find one that mulches anywhere near as well as my old 32".

    Many factors figure into quality of cut and that is why you'll find such a variety of baffles between the cutting deck widths. Some manufactures just assume what works on a 72" will work on a 60" or 52" etc. We've found that that's not always true. That's why you should find that overall you should see better cut quality from an Exmark than from some other brands.

    I like your thinking regarding the 52" deck and utilizing the same blades. The 52/19 with electric start has a MSRP of $5999 and again is a great cutting machine. The 52" however is a bit of an oddity. When you compare the cut quality of it vs the UltraCut deck sometimes you really must look closely. They both cut extremely well.


  3. ztoro

    ztoro LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 735

    I have an 04 tthp 52"

    I am extremely happy with it.... I have the 17hp so the 19 hp is a very nice upgrade. I feel I need slow down in some of the thick heavy grass(only because I cut a full speed on a sulky). If I am walking I really dont see any problems through the thick and heavy stuff.....

    The electric start is a really nice option to have.. I have an enclosed trailer and have experienced many elbow shots to the plywood of which some have been extremely painful. If your mower will not be in closed quarters I really dont see a need for it.....

    I also just added on the striping kit which has worked out really nice. there are pics in another thread you can see of the striper installed
  4. MTR

    MTR LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Florida
    Messages: 1,280

    I have an '01 52" TTHP with 17 Kawi V twin which I acquired as used ( about half of msrp) during this summer. I honestly have to say the 52" RULE. I have used 36" Metro for 2 seasons and I thought I had the best until I got this 52" TTHP I realized how much I have missed in the past. It has increased my business tremendously, cause I can handle those large backyard in no time riding on jungle wheels and most importantly I am not beaten up at the end of day like when I use the Metro. The 52" cuts real clean and smooth that what matters most. People can say whatever they want to about 48 & 52 & 60.
    Had I got another chance to buy, definitely it would be the 52/19 TTHP but the price is not great cause it is almost getting a Lazer HP.

    ps: the electric start is nice but I prefer pull start cause you don't have to buy or do maintenace on battery and alternator, it is too expensive...for me, budget is budget.

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