2006/07 Exmark lazer ZXS 66"

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    I have a 2006/07 Exmark Lazer Zxs 66" with 31 hp Brigss and Stratton for sale with 2200 hrs. Bigger pumps, wheeel motors, tires, run flat front tires, frame, deck, etc Has the seat upgrade, to be honest there is not much suspension left to the seat but it is more comfortable than the cheap seat still. I am original owner of this mower I purchased it as a demo from local exmark dealer with less than 20 hours on it. Has been a great machine, still is a great machine although I am looking to downsize to a 60". It has been operated 90% of the time by me the owner. Only major issue I have ever had with the mower is the hydraulics. Under warranty one side pump and wheel motor were replaced, then the following year same thing on the opposite side. It has newer rear tires, one newer front tire, new battery, new carb, trimmer trap chute closer, misc other small things have been repaired. Comes with few sets of Exmark blades, one hydro filter, and a few other small parts maybe belts if I can find them. I am asking $4500 best offer, I have a trade in value from local John Deere dealer (although I really don't want to buy a Deere) and I according to my local exmark dealer (he doesn't want to take it in on trade till spring). So I am looking to sell it cash or possibly trade for a newer toro/exmark 60" zero and cash on my end. Call or text 585-490-4900.

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    No interest ? Bad time of the year.

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