2006 60'' lazer z for sale

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by mowcrazy, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. mowcrazy

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    alright everybody I mow cemeterys and have found that the walkbehinds are the way to go. Just cant get in between the stones as well with my lazer-z. Bought it new last year, it was a leftover 2006 model. I payed $8,600 for it and also installed a $160 spring kit under the seat. By the way the spring kit is awsome for all of you out there that are tired of breaking your back on these mowers. Anyways the mower has 280hrs on it and is in really good shape. The closed side of the deck is scratched up from rubbing fences etc. Other than that the mower looks and cuts great. Tires are still in good shape and paint still shines like a new one! all maintanence was done accordingly to hour schedule in the exmark book that was given with mower. asking $6,900. If anyone is interested in the mower in the area just say so and I will get some pictures for ya. Just picture a new one with the closed side of the deck scratched up like normal. Thats what it looks like. This mower has the triton deck. Thanks. No shipping!! pick up in Ohio only. has always been stored inside!
  2. mowcrazy

    mowcrazy LawnSite Senior Member
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    bumpety bump bump
  3. Mowingandmore

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    have pic ? how far are you from pittsburgh pa ?
  4. mowcrazy

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    gonna get some pictures tomorrow after I get it cleaned up. at end of season i just put her in the gerage so she's just a little dusty. I am just south of cincinnati bordering kentucky. Ill get some pics and put them on tomorrow sometime. Thanks for the enquiring.
  5. PTSolutions

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    what motor does this have? how far is georgetown from cleveland?
  6. mowcrazy

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    alright here is some pictures. just now got some batteries for the camera.lol. The motor is the 27 hp koehler motor (air cooled). I demoed the 23 horse power and it was definetly lacking power in my opinion so I decided to go with the 27 horsepower. Also wanted to add i thought the hours on the guage read 280 but actually there are 282 hours on it. Sorry bout that. I really didnt clean up the mower or anything just pulled it out in the driveway and took some shots. Like I said above it runs like a new one and is an awsome machine. You can see the flaws in the pictures. The front of deck has some scratches from me loading the mower up against my walk behind and it scratched the deck a little. Side of the deck of course as you can see in the pictures, and there is a spot on the back of the mower that was scratched a little and over winter has accumulated a little rust spot on that spot. That spot would be easy enough to fix with a little sand paper and some paint. I was gonna fix that spot before i took the pics but my shop isnt heated and the paint wouldnt cure right if i did it now. Any other questions just send me a message. My zipcode is 45121 for any of you who would like to see how far away georgetown is from you. Mapquest can give everyone an idea. Oh yeah, almost forgot, the tires have around 60-70 % tread left.

    exmark 002.jpg

    exmark 001.jpg

    exmark 003.jpg

    exmark 005.jpg

    exmark 006.jpg
  7. mowcrazy

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    I also wanted to add That i will negotiate on the price as long as it is within reason. Remember after the seat kit and taxes on this mower I had well over $9000.00 wrapped up in it.
  8. mowcrazy

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    duh dah duh dah
  9. mowcrazy

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    Mower is on e-bay now with a no reserve auction. Auction runs through thursday night feb. 28th. as I posted in the auction i reserve the right to end auction early if the right amount is offered to me. if you would like to make an offer feel free. 937-618-1569
  10. Green Boots

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    I want to jump in and let you know that Robin is a truly honest and honorable person. I purchased an item from him this past week and he went far above what anyone else would have done to keep his word and make the deal happen.

    There is no need to even think twice about purchasing from him.
    (heck, I wish I has the money to buy this machine right now...lol)

    Thanks again Robin!

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