2006 Chev Duramax Diesel Problem

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by ed2hess, Jul 26, 2011.

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    GM really owes Isuzu a big thanks for the partnership that created the Duramax. A lot of the engine parts still come from Japan even though GM sold it's stake in Isuzu. GM really had a joke of a Diesel engine until 2001.
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    I will head into lMcCoys to get that diesel addative next week. They just started selling trailer/truck tires. They are considering selling a 2stroke oil in bulk cans once they decide which brand. Could save us some bucks since we buy in the small plastic containers.
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    If you give Jim a call at 413-6650 you will save some money buying it a case at a time. I usually go to Jim's house between Barton Creek Mall and Bee Caves Road to pick the stuff up but he may deliver for you as well.
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    The only additive I'd recommend for the Dmax is Stanadyne which is the only additive recommended by GM. Stanadyne not only increases lubricity and cetane rating but it's also an demulsifier compared to almost every other additive on the market which is an emulsifier. The reason this is important and why GM recommends Stanadyne is it's better to actually separate the water from the fuel and have it accumulate in the bottom of the fuel filter instead of mixing it with the fuel which can destroy the injectors. We all know how expensive the injectors are. I add Stanadyne performance formula every time I fill the tank.

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    Don't tell Jim but I found you can buy the Opti-Lube XPD online at www.opti-lube.com/index.html . I didn't know until know where to buy this stuff. This is the best rated product on the market. The number one rated product in the test is not commercially available as far as I can tell and you would near darn near a half gallon of it per tank which is too much to be toting around.

    I purchased the Opti-Lube XPD in a five gallon bucket with a pump and a handy self measuring container for only about $220 delivered to my house. This will make 2560 gallons at .25 oz's per gallon. That's 8.5 cents per gallon but you will get 5% better mpg's so you are actually going to be saving 10 cents per gallon by using this stuff.

    For the Supreme Synthetic 9000 motor oil I would still give Jim a call. Here's a link for the oil http://www.schaefferoil.com/supreme-9000-engine-oil.html. Jim will run oil analysis samples from your truck for free when you use his products. This is a great way of knowing if you truck is going to last many more years or if it's a time bomb that needs to go ASAP.
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    i need new injectors on my 03...warranty for 200,000 miles or 1 yr ......really 1 yr. they are proud of them when it comes to price but not warranty.
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    I would definitely check out places like F1diesel.com versus spending big bucks for more OEM units. F1 does all their own EDM nozzle manufacturing in house to an insane quality standard. You can add some extra power and likely still spend way less then buying new injectors from GM. F1 can rebuild your OEM injector bodies and save you a bunch of money most of the time.

    You can use the money you save on a FASS or Airdog to better filter your fuel of damaging impurities and remove the entrained air from the fuel as well. Most people do not realize when the shot of fuel goes down the injector it is full of tiny air bubbles that causes metal to metal parts wear. A FASS or Airdog removes all entrained air and better lubricates your injectors. They will last longer and you will actually notice your truck runs smoother at idle.

    I had F1 1.6 injectors in my 02' Ram that were built for towing and added 90 HP.
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    If his injectors are bad F! will still charge him for new Bosch injectors. Why in the world would you have them rebuild the old design anyhow and risk another cracked injector body or rusted ball and seat ???
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    If the injector bodies aren't cracked they can refurbish the bodies with new internals and F1 nozzles. If the cores are wasted I'm sure F1 get new cores as well. Dealing with F1 will be a better investment then dealing with GM. F1 is the premier name in aftermarket injectors for good reason. I've only dealt with pre-common rail F1 injectors myself.

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