2006 Dixie Chopper XWD3500 yanmar diesel 60"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by myers122, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. myers122

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    from Texas
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    I have never owned or operated a ZTR mower, I have recently located two 2006 Dixie Chopper XWD3500-60 diesel mowers for sale, and I am considering purchasing one or both of these mowers. These mowers were used commercially, One mower has approximately 900 hours, the other approximately 550 hours, they are priced at $3000.00 each. I know the mowers are not stolen. Is there any particular flaw with this mower, this price seems overly cheap and I am concerned that there may be some underlying issue with the mowers. Any advice as to what to look for?
  2. TinMan1

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    hope they arent on Ebay
  3. clydebusa

    clydebusa Inactive
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    Sounds like a great price and those hours are low also.
  4. Mowingman

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    Those ae great machines. I think that model is the best of all the diesels that Dixie Chopper has ever made. That is a great price if they are in good condition.
    Only drawback, is that the Yanmar diesels tend to be LOUD, and parts for Yanmars are sometimes a little pricey.
  5. myers122

    myers122 LawnSite Member
    from Texas
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    they aren't listed on ebay, I got put on to them through a local business owner who is a friend of this lawn care business owner. My main concern is that I do not know anything about these types of mowers, and do not know the common flaws or faults to look for, I do not want to purchase or not purchase them based simply upon their "appearance"... So, I guess my main question is what in particular should I look for on a zero turn mower? I am not a complete novice with mowers, tractors, and equipment, diesel or gasoline, I just do not know what I should look for concerning these mowers in particular.
  6. Ramblur

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    Take this for what its worth cause my diesel Dixie is an older model (2000?) and well used before I got it. Mine I believe is a 25 hp and doesn't mow in the tall stuff any better than our Scag STHM's. Blade speed seems to be slower than similar gas DC's and you must watch the temp gauge as clippings getting caught on the radiator screen will overheat it. That being said,its really no big deal to keep an eye on the temp/radiator screen and it is one rugged b*tch. I really haven't had any issues to really be concerned about in the 8 years we've had it. Pretty much if you can drive it over top it you can mow it...:)
  7. Duekster

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    I have a Gas Generac powered 2006 and it is a rugged machine. I would think with the hours that low then machines have a lot of life left. Sounds like a good deal.

    You might get a better mechanical opinion over in the mechanics section of the forum.
  8. weve

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    I'm using mine for the seventh year -- 2168 hours. I've had no issues with the coolant temperature on this engine. The radiator fan is reversing so the screen stays clean. This engine has plenty of power for a 60" deck. I can pull the rpm's down when mulching wet heavy leaves but seldom in grass.

    I replaced a hydo pump seal a couple years ago and a leaking hydraulic wheel motor last fall. I also replaced a fuel shut off solenoid last fall. I change engine oil at 250 hour intervals and don't add any between changes. I've replaced one alternator belt and one deck belt.

    If I could find one with the hours that you stated for $3000 in this area, I would take it.

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