2006 First Aid- Safety First!!

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Cahsking, May 31, 2006.

  1. Cahsking

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    Now I hope some LCO's carry first aid packs with them. I am curious to know what non-traditional items do you carry in your first aid packs that were not sold with it. For example I carry a small bottle of Listerine for bee stings; or a bottle of Bull Frog for jobs where the sun is blazing, and mosquitoes are craving.
  2. JB1

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    we carry a bottle of whiskey for snake bite.
  3. topsites

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    I have several kits, two I bought, the other I found, have one in each car as well, I love those things, they have saved me time and again when I got hurt, 15-20 minutes later I was rolling again.

    I carry a slew of bandaids extra, also an eye-wash kit, just a small bottle of saline solution and an eye cup, but that's enough to wash out some of those wood chips or whatever likes to get in the eye and never leave you alone.

    A TON of motrin, enough for several high dose intakes, somewhere along the lines of 2,400 - 3,200 mg's kills most any pain, no matter how bad.

    Because I don't got time for it, injury has never stopped me from finishing the job, not once in 5 years.
  4. mike lane lawn care

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    the recommended dose is 400-800 MG's, that much motrin could damage your kidneys and cause severe reproductions. i would definitely talk to a doctor about your intake of motrin.
  5. mike lane lawn care

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    unless you mean a loading dose of motrin, but even then that seems like way too much.
  6. DLCS

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    One large dose isn't going to damage you kidneys, its the long term repeated use of motrin that does the damage. All pain medicines have damaging effects if used for long term and many are much worse than motrin.
  7. JJLandscapes

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    one large dose wont ruin anything you gotta realize the recommended dosage you read is the same for a 150 lb person and a 270 lb person which to me never makes sense

    im 210 lbs and probably take atleast double the recommendation for every over the counter med some people i know are 160lbs and take 3-4 times regular doses for headaches

    and you gotta realize all the recreational drug takers who have zero health problems and they are abusing xanax and vicodines not motrin and all the ones i know have zero health problems i think everyone needs to relax with the motrine
  8. Cahsking

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    I'll have to remember that one, for when I go camping with the family.;)

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