2006 Ford F450 Crew cab

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    Hello, I am looking at buying a 2006 ford F450 diesel crew cab with a 12 foot landscape bed. The truck has four wheel drive with 48000 miles. I wanted to know the pros and cons on this truck. The guy is looking for 22,000k, Im not sure if it is over priced. Let me know what you think. thank you
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    Assuming its in good shape and no problems then thats a fair price. Thats about what we buy our medium duty trucks for
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    I hope it has a good EGR delete.
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    Contrary to popular belief, this isn't necessary. A plugged oil cooler makes the EGR cooler fail, making the EGR cooler look like the problem. Besides, deleting the EGR cooler sometimes requires the use of a programmer which not everyone is willing to deal with. Maryland also seems to be one of the states that likes to follow California's emissions rules so deleting the cooler now could also bite him later on in ownership, if the state starts inspections of diesels.

    To the OP, it sounds like you are buying this truck from a private party and it also sounds like the seller is the original owner. Does he have service and repair records? Even if he does, do yourself a favor and get the VIN # of the truck and go to your local Ford dealer and ask one of the service advisors to run an OASIS report. This report will tell you what repairs, if any, have been performed by a Ford dealer since the truck was built. Do yourself a favor if you are not familiar with these trucks and spend some time over on powerstroke.org reading up on this truck and engine combination.

    Things you want to look out for:

    Repeat injector replacements, usually a sign of poor maintenance (not changing oil at proper intervals, repeated poor fuel quality and/or not changing fuel filters as required)

    Any work regarding the cylinder heads and head gaskets, which may or may not be related to the EGR and Oil cooling system components discussed below.

    EGR cooler replacements will indicate that the truck most likely has issues with the oil cooler plugging up, which is traced back to poor cooling system maintenance (use of tap water to top off the cooling system). The gold coolant Ford speced for the 6.0L diesel has come unde fire lately because it is unable to tolerate the high temps in the cooling system components and breaks down leaving a sludge that blocks the Oil cooler. The tap water causes rust which magnifies the problem of blockage because the coolant sludge mixes with the rust particles and blocks the small oil cooler passages. The EGR cooler is supplied with coolant from the oil cooler so when the oil cooler becomes plugged, the EGR cooler is starved for coolant, the hot exhaust gasses passing through the now uncooled EGR cooler then stress the internal passages of the EGR cooler causing it to fail, this in turn allows coolant to enter the engine through the intake. If coolant makes it to the cylinders, typically the engine will push a head gasket because it cannot compress the water in the cylinders, stretching the head bolts and causing head gasket failures.

    Check the hour meter that is displayed on the digital display with the trip odometer and total mileage. Take the total vehicle miles and divide the engine hours, giving you miles/hour. Ford considers anything under 33 miles/hour to be extended idling. If extended idling is suspected, you'll want to look for EGR valve repairs. This is because extended periods of idling can cause the EGR valve to plug up with soot.

    Finally, if you do buy this truck because it is a good deal, the first thing you should buy for the truck (after license plates) should be an EDGE Insight CS or CTS. This is NOT a programmer, it is just a display for sensor information from the OBD computer that is collected from the factory engine sensors. This display is invaluable at helping you make sure that the engine is running correctly. It will tell you if you engine oil and coolant temps are too far apart from each other (sign of a oil cooler that is becoming plugged) and you can also monitor fuel pressure and exhaust gas temps (egt) with add on sensors that you can buy separately.

    I hope this helps you with your decison. Overall, these are very good trucks and like other engines have shortcomings, but, there are over 1 million of these engines out there. Most of the posts on the truck forums are from people who want to log on and complain about their problems, but there are people out there that know these trucks and can help you out. Knowledge and help is plentiful. Oh yeah, don't listen to the Dodge and Chevy boys either, they're just jealous that Ford outsells them two to one combined!!! And no matter what they say, those brands have their own sets of problems too.
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