2006 repair costs are killing me

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by promower, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. promower

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    Talk about a bad start to the season! So far since Jan. 1st I'm up to $7943.00 just in repair costs, as of today monday I had all 3 of my trucks in the shop. One truck died on the highway at 5:00 on saturday eveing with a trailer hooked up to it. I have one trailer that needs to be completely rewired, two trimmers that took a dump today, a blower thats been running like crap since friday and now wont run at all. Broke a hub on my mower today and the wheel fell right off, dropped the hydros and had 3 of pushing it up the trailer and a weld broke on the trailer gate making almost impossible to get the mower loaded up. I dont have crap equipment its just everything broke all at once. Were still trying to finish up cleanups, it been raining like crazy at night with sun during the day so the grass is ready to mow. Everything should be fixed by Wed. suppose to rain Wed, Thurs, Fri, during the day. I'm just sick to my stomach with the stress, nothing is getting done, my crews are so inefficient right now its not even worth having them come in.

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    Yeah sometimes that crap happens, last Sept I had both trimmers die on the same day :dizzy: after they had both run fine for a couple years.
  3. Soupy

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    Did you do proper maintenance before putting them away for winter?
  4. muddstopper

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    I feel your pain. A couple of months ago, I had carburator problems on my smaller hydroseeder. it was the result of water in the gas. While tinkering with the carb the engine caught on fire, inside my shop on the back of my new truck!!!!. We drove the truck out of the shop and extingused the fire but the engine was toast. It was 5 years old. New engine and hydraulic pump. $2300. to make matters worse, we fired up old reliable large machine and while seeding the main jackshaft broke. $184, and took out the pump clutch, $1500. Down time was killing me so we rented a machine, $150 a day, 4 days $600. Insurance paid $1086 on the burnt up engine and nothing for the rental unit. I still havent had time to put old reliable back together, but I have the parts.
  5. promower

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    Yeah when it rains it pours. Its times like this when you know if your business has a chance of making it in the long run. I know if I was out mowing lawns at $18 a pop this years damage report could have put me under. I'm happy to report that 90% of my equipment is back in the shop in working condition, landed a nice retaining wall install today, and it looks like the rain is holing off for a few more days.
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  7. JJLandscapes

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    some days suck and everything goes wrong but you people really should learn how to fix all equipment yourself i never drop anything off the to the shop basically only user them for parts... When trucks break its completely miserable expetially if the mechanic cant do it for a few days cause he needs some parts
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    I too feel your pain Matthew. My foreman backed into a Lady's fence and tweaked the corner post in the process rearranging the direction of the Honda's handlebars. Then a blower string broke (easy to fix thankfully) both of my new Honda's are giving problems in wet grass (which is 75% of the time right now around here) luckily those are under warranty. Last week my platform that holds the mowers was having issues, which is fixed now. Point is it just never seems to stop, always something. Oh well, still would rather be doing this then pushing pencils. Well, at least you and I have gotten our bad week out of the way for the year. (hopefully)what doesn't break will make us stronger. something like that:weightlifter:
  9. Charles

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    Equipment repairs go in cycles. You don't think of all those years you didn't have many problems. Just about everything has a lifespan and sometimes that life span ends all at once--especially if you bought the equipment close to the same time.
    LCO's buy all this new equipment at one time and breeze along for years and think- "Man this is all profit" Then one year most of it goes blewy. There goes the profit lost by downtime and repairs---and there will be a lot less time between repairs from there on out.
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    Very good point Charles...that is why we stagger major equipment/truck acquistion year to year.

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