2006 Super Z Regular deck or XR7 whats the difference??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by webdrifter, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. webdrifter

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    Seems like every time a find a decent deal on a mower it gets gone before I can see it. So far this week I've had three mowers that I was interested in slip through my hands because I had to wait till Saturday to look at them. Today I have once again found what seems to be a good deal on a mower, but I need a little info from you Pro's. I have found a 2006 Hustler Super Z 27hp kohler with around 25 hours on it, and I think I can get it for $7000 cash. I just talked to the owner, and he told me that he wasn't sure which deck the mower had, and he was away from home so he couldn't,t look at the moment. The mower was purchased in November or December of 2005, and he says that he's almost positive that it's a 2006 model. He did say that the mower had a metal discharge chute, which makes me believe that it's probably not an XR7 deck. Is the New XR7 deck that great of improvement over the previous deck design, and is this mower still at a good price even with the old deck?

    I've also Found a 2005 Super Z demo with the 28hp efi motor it has 275 hours on it and I can get it fro $7600 out the door with full warranty. Whats the best buy guys?

  2. F.O.S.

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    I think you should look more into the 2005 demo. For one the 28efi motor will be much better on fuel consumption, probably great enough to make the $600difference back within a year. Also this mower comes with a full waranty which can come in very handy if you ever need it. A few things to think about might be the mower decks on each model, as I am not sure when they switched over to the new XR7 (I'm sure someone here does),but if both are not XR7 I would lean even more towards the 2005. Another thing is that $7600 seems a little pricey for a 2005 with 275 hours on it, I would talk to the dealer and see if you couldn't get him to come down a little on the price. Good luck with your decision.
  3. webdrifter

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    Actually I've just located one more Super Z so now I have three to consider.

    1. 2005 Super Z 60" 28 hp efi with 275 hours $7600 cash, dealer demo with

    2. 2006 Super Z 60" 27 hp kohler 25 hours with regular deck $7000 cash.

    3. 2006 Super Z 60" 27 hp kohler XR7 deck 98 hours $7000 cash.

    Dealer will honor remaining warranties on 2006 models.

    I do know that the dealer demo has been setting outside for quite some time, and I'm not sure how this effects everything.
  4. lawnspecialties

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    As far as the decks go, my pre-XR7 deck gives an excellent cut. The only area it suffers is in tall fescue that is considerably wet. Then in a word, it sucks.:laugh:
  5. lawnrangers

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    what dealer r you looking at? i need another machine...i will wait until you have purchased,before i go any further... those r some good prices though!!!
  6. tacoma200

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    My 2006 XR7 wouldn't cut grass that great in Southern Kentucky but they said that they had no problems in central Ky. I had to add the triangle fix for the XR7 deck which helped some but I was never satisfied with the cut. I hear it does much better in Southern grasses. I think you would like the old deck better myself. Other than that it was a great mower, very comfortble. The XR7 deck also had problems cutting above 3.25 inches in our grasses. Lots of stringers. Some lawns it did well while other grasses it just wouldn't cut as well as the Exmark. Hustler stood behind their product and refunded my money and were super about service. But I will never be able to use another XR7 in this area. I tried everything to get it to cut right, including a lift kit they sent me free of charge. Good luck. They are a great mower in the right conditions.

    FIRESCOOBY LawnSite Senior Member
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    Sent you a PM...look into the info I provided.
  8. webdrifter

    webdrifter LawnSite Member
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    I'll be making my decision sometime next week as to which mower I'm buying, and I'll post the dealer location as well as info on the other mowers at that time. I did find the paper that He wrote the demo information down on, and it actually has 295 hours not 275. The other two mowers happen to belong to people that work where I do. They all three seem like good deals. I guess I'm a little concerned about the 28 hp EFI setting out in the weather on the dealers lot for a couple of years, this is not good on the seat either. My friend said it was setting in an enclosed area on their lot chained to a bunch of other mowers. Of course they may take them inside, and he just didn't know it. I do know that the other two mowers have been stored inside. I may offer the dealer $7000 and see what happens. I just didn't know if a 2005 28hp EFI engine with 295 hours would be better than the 2006 27hp kohler with 25 hours on it. This is my first major mower purchase, so i'm kinda nervous about spending $7000 , and I'm trying to make the best decision possible. Thanks for everyones input because it helps a great deal.
  9. Envy Lawn Service

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    I dunno...

    If I was buying used equipment, I would expect to come out far cheaper than that.

    But then again, the dealer is going to honor what warranty is left on them.
    I'm just not sure that aspect is worth that kind of premium to me.
    Very hard decision there.


    #1 - 295 is a LOT of demo hours.... but I'm sure the EFI would be nice.

    #2 & #3 - Depends on which cutter deck you end up liking best.

  10. webdrifter

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    I have been trying to find a great deal where I can come out better, but every time a great deal shows up it's in the beginning or middle of the week, and because of my work schedule I only have Saturday and Sunday to work with. I also figure the closer to spring it gets the higher the prices will get and the selection will be smaller.

    I'll only be mowing my own property, and a couple of my neighbors property to begin with which would be around 100 + - hours a season. So I guess when I see a mower that has almost 300 hours on it I think of it having 3 years of my use on it already. I realize that to a professional 300 hours isn't even a whole season. I also wonder because of the small amount of hours that I will be using it if the warranty is a big issue at all. I'm almost 48 years old, and I just want to make a purchase that could possibly last me the rest of my life on my own property, or possible help me to start a small business on the side and eventually make it grow, and get me out of this darn factory work..


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