2006 Suzuki LTR 450 FOR SALE OR TRADE !!

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by FiVe StAr, Feb 4, 2008.

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    I used to be the parts manager at Farrs Cycles in Tulsa Oklahoma. I was the first person in Tulsa to own a Suzuki 450. It has Two Brothers full titanium race exhaust, a Stage 3 Power Commander, a Uni air filter, Pro Taper bars, Pro Armor front bumper, Pro Armor nerf bars, and a tremendous amount of headwork done by probably one of the best in the biz. It's only had 5 oil changes, and it has never been ridden hard. ( trust me my girlfriend has ridden it more than I have !!) I am looking to trade it for a 2002 and up model ZTR. I am wanting atleast a 48" deck. I would like either a Walker, Toro, Scag or a Hustler. I'm open to other brands. If I can't find anything I like it's for sale for $4,500. PM me if interested. Thanks !! Pics coming soon...

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