2006 Toro ZMaster557 Kohler 27hp

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jetboatbob, May 3, 2012.

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    My 2006 Toro ZMaster 557 Kohler 27hp engine struggles when engaging the mower blades. I've checked the spindles; they spin free. I'v checked the rear pulleys; they spin free and I've changed the fuel filter. Anyone have any suggestions what to do next?
  2. Tofutti

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    Our 2007 Toro Z-Master 500-series has a 60" TurboForce deck and a 28HP Kawi, and does the same thing. It seems like a struggle to our machine as well. The RPMs drop dramatically when deck is engaged. It takes about two to three seconds after engaging the PTO before it's back up to RPM, if engaged at full throttle. This may be just normal since there's still a lot of hardware and kinetic energy to overcome all at once. We've got almost 1100 hours on this machine without clutch issues or anything. So again, unless your machine stalls or takes like ten seconds to get back up to speed, it's probably just normal.

    I guess to be more helpful, you could further define what you mean by "struggle"; What does the machine do exactly when you engage the deck? How long does it take to get back to full RPM? Any really unusual noises or smoke? Any other odd signs/symptoms that this machine puts out that you may or may not think are related to this issue?
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    YOu may have a coil about to go out.........

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