2007 Cemetery bid requirements, what do you think?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by oOTurfmanoO, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. oOTurfmanoO

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    This fell into my lap recently. I never bid on such a thing. After calling the contact phone number, the gentleman on the other line emailed me this list of requirements.

    What are the green lights and what are the red. Is there anything odd about this or anything I should look to change?

    Lets assume equipment is not an issue.

    SIZE: Approx. 3 acres.
    REQUIREMENTS: (1. Mowing of grass in the cemetery and on roadsides.
    (2. Trimming around all monuments, markers, fences, walls, and roadsides.
    (3. Removal of fallen leaves.
    (4. Removal of any limbs/branches, etc. which fall from trees in the Cemetery.
    (5. Grass should be cut to a 1 ½ to 2 inch length and shall never be allowed to exceed 4 inches in length.
    (6. It is imperative that the above actions be completed 3 days prior to the following Holidays; Memorial Day, (May 30), Flag Day, (June 14), Independence Day (July 4) , and Labor Day (first Monday in September).
    (7. Mowing and Trimming shall be accomplished at least 12 times a year. Service Provider shall notify the Secretary when each mowing is completed. The Association will supply pre-addressed post cards for this purpose.
    TERM: The term of this agreement will normally begin on May 30 and will remain in full force and effect unless terminated by a 90 day notice of intent, prior to the Annual Memorial Day Meeting, by either party until completion of the services.
    COMPENSATION: For the Services provided by the Service Provider under this Agreement the Customer will pay to the Service Provider compensation in the following manner. XXXX ($????.??) payable as follows:
    (1. Mid June-XXXX (25%)
    (2. Mid July-XXXX (15%)
    (3. Mid August-XXXX (15%)
    (4. Mid September-XXXX (15%)
    (5. Mid October-XXXX (5%)
    (6. Mid May-XXXX (25%)
    In addition, should it be necessary, because of extremely fast grass growth, for additional Mowing and
    Trimming beyond the 12 times required by this Agreement, the Service Provider will be compensated 5% (???.00) for each additional effort, provided advance approval has been given by the Customer.
    Note that this payment schedule can be adjusted with mutual consent of both parties.
    EXPENSES: The Service Provider will not be reimbursed for any expense incurred in connection with providing the Services hereunder. The compensation provided is done so in contemplation of any and all expenses that may be incurred by the Service Provider.
    CONTRACTOR: It is expressly agreed that the Service Provider is operating as an independent contractor and not as an employee in providing the services hereunder and that the Service Provider must supply his own Liability Insurance and equipment. The Service Provider and the Customer acknowledge that this Agreement does not create a partnership or joint venture between them.
  2. robbo521

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    looks ok but the 12 cutting's.not sure about there but 12 cutting's is a joke. cutting it that low and not letting it over 4''.the rest looks ok to me.
  3. Cracker Station

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    Just my thoughts, but wouldn't a cemetary be mostly push mowed?....and also a 3 acre cemetary, seems like forever getting all weedeating done. I have no desire whatsoever to bid cemetaries. Just be careful calculating your time, and good luck with it.
  4. NMS0219

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    I mow alot of cemeterys for small associations ie churches, government land use boards, abandoned cemeterys, etc... The bigest problem is the 12 cuts way too few we figure at least 28 cuts here in buffalo, NY. Another thing to consider is that cemeterys are lumpy and full of ruts from digging graves its going to take you longer to mow than you think. Depending on how many and the type of grave markers you can easily spend a whole day trimming. The best machine for mowing cemeterys is a plain cub cadet shaft drive ridding mower with a 50" Deck. I know it's not commercial but trust me they work great so long as you keep up on oil changes. z turns ride way too hard and fall apart way too fast.
  5. carcrz

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    We're mowing at least 32 times here. It would hardly be worth it for only 12 times a year.
  6. corey1977

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    I just got the bid for a cemetery also 20 acers
  7. SuperZZZ

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    Cemetarys are alot of work make sure you bid correctly and i see YOUR MISSING 5% in getting paid adds up to 95% unless your getting some upfront.Just so your aware of your notes.Good luck:)
  8. Uranus

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    Do your math again.
    Have fun mowing that. I will NEVER mow one
  9. NMS0219

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    Cemetarys can be very, very profitable. It just seams like everyone in my area is afraid to bid on them. Thats why I get them at top price. I have One crew whose sole job is to mow, and maintain 9 of them. In the 6 years we have mowed them no one else has bid on them.
  10. SuperZZZ

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    OOPS!My bad just looking out for the fellow man lol.

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