2007 exmark metro wheel drive belt

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    I recently just got the above mower that is in immaculate condition, still red paint under the deck. I have had it about a month and use it to cut 4-5 lawns. Today I noticed a small pin size hole in the center of the wheel drive belt in 1 or 2 spots. After studying the system more it would appear that is where the most deteriation should occur as the V belt sits in a grove on the drive wheel. My 1st belt drive if Im sounding ignorant but that is why Im here. The belts are quite thick and don't appear cracked, mower works fine from what I can tell. . From what I see they are basically $100 a set. Question 1 I'm assuming I should replace them???? I dont want to spend $100 if not needed, but will be quite happy to if it will prevent a breakdown in the field. Question 2 how long to these typically last? Does anyone use NAPA for these type of belts, obviously a critical part.
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    No, you don't have to replace them. You should get 400 or more hours out of the belts. If you have more then 25 % of the belt split, then I would think about changing it.

    Couple of things to extend your belt life. Inspect the drive wheel belt pulleys, repair or replace if they get bent edges, stay away from going up or down curbs ...
    Shift in to neutral when stopped.

    When you replace the drive belts, inspect the pullies at the end of the jack shafts. If the belt groove is worn down, replace the pulleys.....

    Another way to tell if you have bad drive pulleys is if you are having a had time loading up on the trailer ramp, or going up hills, you have already adjusted/replace the trans belt and the control linkage and the problem doesn't go away.

    If a new drive belt is starting to split, is sitting flush or below the edges of the pulleys.
    The belt is sitting on the center rib, and not enough of the meat of the belt is touching the sides of the V groove.

    Personally , I try to stay away from NAPA, it's either OEM, or I cross them over to Gates, or Stens.
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    Thank you so much!! I appreciate the very detailed response. Sounds like Im not even close to needing new belts. The belts sit well above the pulleys and none of the pulleys are bent or damaged. I was all set to got out tomorrow and spend $100 on belts I apparently did not need. Sounds like a small hole or two is normal and no indication of an immediate replacement.

    Thanks for taking the time out of your day to share your knowledge.
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