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    I have a small lawn service mowing 14 to 15 yards a week and am looking at buying a new mower. I've been looking and have either decided on a Hustler or a Grasshopper but i have now found a 2007 Hustler mini Z 42 with a blower/bagger for 2750. Is this a good price on this mower and is this even a good mower to be looking at under my circumstances? Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Depends on the condition of the mower and the hours on it.
    If you doing small lawns then it may be what you need, but if your doing larger lawns you may want a larger cut?

  3. catfish1954

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    i have a 2007 mini z 42 great mower,,no problems other than regular maintence now with 700 hrs still going strong,,i have a 2009 fast-trac 48 it is just a back up mower my 2009 has about 100 hrs on it i use it on my own lawn,,never know when i'll need it! my wife just loves hustler " great machine way to go hustler built like a tank "

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