2007 Kubota L3400 HST Japanese Junk?

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Nor_Cal_Dale, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Nor_Cal_Dale

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    Hi All

    My neighbor a professional landscaper just purchased a Kubota L3400 with Hydrostatic Drive. Well the first tractor lasted 12 hours and only 1 hour of PTO use before the PTO went out. It sounded like a thrashing machine and he was only running a tiller in good soil with few rocks. Note that theyhave had problems with the PTo on this tractor since 2005 and still have not gotten it figured out yet at Kubota! A tech service bulletin was issued but it was just a patch job that did nothing but raise the oil levelt to quiet the gears by drownding them in oil constatntly, nothing more.

    Well the dealer took it apart and cannot figure what is wrong with it so they gave him a loaner 3800 series for a couple of weeks. It works great and does a much better job. Only problem is it is too big to what he wants it for. So the dealer set him up with another replacement L3400 right out of the crate.

    Brought it home and ran it around gently for about an hour or so and the hydraulic pump started making noise. Dealer came out and changed fluid and filters to no avail and said run it for awhile maybe it will break in. Well instead of breaking in now with only 8 hours on it, the power steering went out. Everything on the Hydrostatic drive tractor runs off of the same pump. Well the delivery guy was there bringing some other attachments when this happened they were unloading the right rototiller. So first hand it broke right in front of him. He also works in the service department as a mechanic too, so he looked at it and called the shop and no one can figure this one out yet. The fluid levels were full and everything else works. All of the sudden the steering started working again too miraculously hmm. By the way when the steering goes out you cannot even turn it at all. Well the draw back here with this HST trans is everything runs off of the same pump!

    This time he is going to say goodbye to the lazy mans HST trans and get them to replace it with a good old reliable stick shift. Then we will see what breaks next. Hate to say it but a sour taste came to both of our mouths after two failed tractors in one month.

    Beware of those good reputations
  2. greenscapes inc.

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    Sad to hear. I have a kubota tractor with the HST trans and I have never had a problem with it. Last time I check it had around 600 hrs. Sounds like some bad luck.
  3. corey1977

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    the way I understand kubota is the king of tractors thay are out selling deere and new holland
  4. lawn king

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    I have over 1000 HARD hours on kubota hydro's, no problems with hydraulics,pto's or trannys!
  5. smart water

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    Sorry to hear that my Kubbie (L3130 HST) has over 1400hrs on it no problems ever
  6. hosejockey2002

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    Sounds like someone's trollin'. Over at tractor-type websites, there are literally thousands of posts from HST Kubota owners who have put hundreds and hundreds of trouble free hours on their machines. As for the "Japanese junk" comment, nearly all compact tractors sold in the US are either built overseas or assembled in the US from foreign components. Mine (Kioti) was built in Korea and the quality and workmanship is just fine.
  7. Lawn Tek

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    Upgrade parts for PTO are being replaced by Kubota , mine was replaced with new heavy duty parts , Dealer out of the loop, needs to get educated.
    No problems since , love my HST great for backing up hills next to houses.
  8. AAXteriors

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    I have a B21 and its great with 750+ hrs. and has the HST trans. Ilove it with no problems.

  9. lb59

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    For every one like this there are probably tens upon tens of thousands without any problems what ever.
  10. supercuts

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    my 84 b7100 has been rolled over, on fire, to hell and back. HST works perfect, the only "major" thing to ever happen was the bearings in the steering box went at over 3000 hrs. it was cheaper to buy a whole box then fix the old. i think it was about $250.

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