2007 scag Turf Tiger & walk behind

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by P.Services, Mar 23, 2010.

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    its a Turf Tiger with the velocity deck and 29hp dfi kawasaki, 1,200 hours,brand new rear tires, only run by me, greased every day sometimes twice a day, im still deciding if i want to sell it with the bagger or not but that will add to the price. Mower is CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN the bright pictures are when i bought it and the others are it in the garage as it sits. I will spit shine it and wax it to death and make it look as good as the original pictures guaranteed!!

    im not sure what to ask for it because i haven't been keeping a close eye on the used market so make me a reasonable offer i just wan to sell it.

    also have a older walk behind hydro drive scag with a BRAND NEW 1 hour old kohler 15hp engine. mower runs great but for some reason that engine can be a beotch to start when its cold out (just started it) I paid around a grand for the engine.

    again make an offer.

    scratch that, i will get pics tomorrow of it somewhat clean, to dark in the garage.
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    would you be interested in a trade for a boss 9'2 vblade it's a 2k7 we also have a tailgate spreader and some cash to play around with..
  3. P.Services

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    if we could have met in the fall i would have but i just bought a 8'2" v-xt steel

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