2008 F-450 Dump Truck

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Royal Landscapes, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. Armsden&Son

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    I don't know what these guys are talking about but that is a terrific price for that dump.... that is also a very small amount of miles for a diesel engine.... And yes, you do need a dump... you will always need a dump(especially if you are specializing in what you listed)...Guys that start without a dump are begging for one at year 2.(And because they spent so much on a newer pick up, they have no money so they usually go out and buy a dump trailer... waste) And remember this... Everyone and their mother has an opinion on diesel vs. gas and which diesel engines are good, which gas engines are good... powerstroke, cummins, duramax... You will hear it all on this forum. Do your homework, take everybody's(including my) advice with a grain of salt. I run a 5.4 in my F350 gasser dump and I LOVE IT!!! Are their better engines out there? Yup... Would I prefer diesel? Yup... But that doesn't mean that my 5.4 doesn't work for me you know? One thing is for sure though... that is NOT a lot of miles for that engine......
  2. Royal Landscapes

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    How much can you haul with your 350 payload-wise?
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    That's the reason most go with 550s. Payloads are low on 350-450 trucks.

    550s are usually in the same ball park price wise.

    Personally I am buying a dump trailer for mulch we can put 22 yards in a 16ft
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  4. Marek

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    Where did you work ? Don't tell me loons in annapolis.

    7.3 look for rusted oil pan, very expensive to repair. Also look for a Polly fuel tank behind the rear axle. The steel tanks have a big problem with delaminating and trashing injectors and fuel pumps
  5. Armsden&Son

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    I just hauled 4 tons of Item 4 (Crusher Run) yesterday.... Did she like it? No, but she was braking fine... and accelerating fine... And yes, I would love to have a 550... I just got such a sweet deal on mine that I couldn't pass it up... And the reason why I don't and would never run dump trailers is because of efficiency.. The way I run my business spring through fall, I need to have my enclosed at all times. Not only does it haul my Walkers with multiple decks and attachments, but it hauls everything else I need to do any type of job... (remember, I am a 1 truck 1 trailer operation) Not saying dump trailers are bad for everyone, just wouldn't work for me is all.....
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    I would look for something a little older until you get established. Then I would spend the money on a truck like that. Ive been using a 2007 GMC Sierra p/u for my first 2 yrs. It's been tough but next year Ill be able to put a decent down payment on a dump.
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    agreed, that is not a bad price for a dump with that mileage…i didn't see if it was a 4x4 or not but i assume it's a 4x2 from the snow comment…i have a 6.4 and love it, would buy another in a heart beat…i also deleted all the emissions..130k and only a alternator and radiator…unfortunately radiators are notorious for the 6.4

    i also have a 5.4 gas f250 and love that as well, my favorite work truck…has a lot of power for damn sure, especially for not being a diesel, and it's had very few problems and been worked hard…very reliable is all i have to say, but that goes for ford in general…2 fords and 2 dodges, only problems with the dodges, been very happy with the fords
  8. TruSomethingOrOther

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    You're thinking of the 6.0. The 6.4 is fine. I have that same year 450 and the 6.4 and love it. It's a beast.
  9. baileylawnservice

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    No I am pretty sure I have read multiple stories of 6.4's staying in regin mode and burning up.
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  10. Chris_NC06

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    The 6.4 has some problems too. Most related to the emissions equipment.
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