2008 Finn T75 hydro seeder

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    2008 Finn T75 hydroseeder

    Great deal! Easy to use and make money!
    Spray-on grass installations for new or renovated yards, septic bed, sewer and roadside reinstatements, erosion control, bank stabilization, field coverage, golf course park playground and sports field installations to name a few applications. Can be used as a water tank for mass sod installations as well.

    Complements many construction companies and professions to sell full-service package to commercial or residential clients: landscaping, sewer excavating, septic installations, general contractors, homebuilders etc.

    low hours at 766
    under 10,000 lbs weight when fully loaded
    electric hose reel
    operator stand with turret gun
    200 ft hosefront storage box for tools and accessories
    various nozzles and attachments
    pull trailer with pintle tow set up
    replacement cost of 35,000 CDN funds

    $19 500
    905 894 3418

    Finn (14).jpg
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    Man that is an awesome setup.
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