2008 Kenworth T300

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by TomG, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. TomG

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    We are looking at getting this truck and I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on Kenworths (we have all internationals currently) and I also have a few questions. This would be our first tri-axle. Here is some info on the truck.

    Its a 2008 Kenworth T300. PX-8 engine 330hp with Allison automatic transition. 17' dump bed, 14,600lb front 40,000lb rear with a 13,200lb drop down axle. 53,000 miles.

    I drove the truck today and I liked it, and I will be taking it back to our shop tomorrow to try it out with a load in it. My main concern is that 330hp is not a lot for a tri-axle. Am I correct? Almost every other truck I look at has around 400hp. Also the trucks GVW is 54,000lbs according to the door jam. But because of the drop down axle does that raise the GVW to 67,000lbs? Thank you in advance!



  2. hosejockey2002

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    Don't know about the GVWR issue but if you don't tow a pup than 330 hp should get you around OK. Interesting that it has an Allison, you don't see many class 8 dump trucks with that transmission.
  3. burns

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    I drive a triaxle for my full time job and I can tell you that it definitely won't be a powerhouse but it will get you around ok. You'll be slow on the hills but for local hauling it will be ok..my truck has a 525 HP cat and it moves a load good but I run 10-12 hrs a day 6 days a week so its warranted..and we do have one truck with an Allison and its held up pretty well
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  4. TomG

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    Thanks guys for the input. We would be using the truck for our landscape/construction company. We are doing bigger and bigger jobs these days so we are looking to upgrade from our International 6 wheelers. So it would not be hauling dirt constantly all day long so i think this motor would be fine. We have decided to get this truck and we will be finalizing the deal this week. The truck weighs 21,300lbs. The truck for some reason never had the drop axle included in its GVW. It will be re-tagged before we buy it for 67,800lbs allowing us to haul 20T no problem. We did look at trucks with higher hp, but they were all at least $20,000 more than this truck and we just couldn't justify spending that much on a truck that will not be used all day every day. I hauled 18T with it when we had it on demo and it actually did pretty well, I took it up the two biggest hills in our town and it made it up fine. It was a little slow. This truck also has a much lower profile than most tri-axles as you can see from the picture of it next to the mack. That was key to us because we will be loading it with our Bobcat T300, A300 and E50. We had our mechanic look over the truck also and he said it is basically a brand new truck there is nothing wrong with it, it doesn't even have any dents in the dump body at all. The sales man said it was a repo from Texas (that's why it has an OX body), it was then sold at auction in North Carolina to the dealer were buying it from. Unfortunately know one knows what it was used to haul in texas or what company owned it.

    We think this truck is just to good of a deal to pass up, its a 2008 with only 53,000 miles and nothing wrong with it and its for sale for roughly half its original purchase price. If anyone thinks of anything that i should ask the sales man about before we purchase let me know! I appreciate all your guises input!
  5. outlaw1960

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    All I know about the px-8 is early ones had DPF issues. Other than that it is a Cummins ISX rebadged as Paccar. Good Luck!
  6. TomG

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    I thought I would update this thread. We got the truck. Thank you everyone for your input. The best part of the purchase was that I figured out that the truck had a lift gate when we were demoing it. The salesman and the used truck dealership did not know the truck had it, so we basically got the lift gate for free.:drinkup:

    We successfully registered the truck for 67,800lbs. We can haul 22.5 tons legally. The motor is fine for us, I took it out on the highway fully loaded and it had no problem doing 60mph. Here are a few pictures of the truck and a quick video of it dumping. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ucy0hDi0Z1w




  7. 360ci

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    AWESOME! Another bonus just by looking at it is the single large fuel tank. I prefer that over a single or dual smaller one. I found dual tanks can be a maintenance problem as the years pile on. I will agree that if the price was right I might even go with an automatic trans as well, providing they can prove that it's been serviced.
  8. nightshutter

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    Very jealous
  9. Looking Good Lawn Service

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    I think you made the right choice. The T300 or T330 is an essence based on a medium duty chassis like your International six wheelers, that is why it does not have a big bore diesel in it, hence it is 8.3 liters and maxed at 330 hp...but if you are not intending to do 80 up hill with a full load then who cares. However, this engine will need overhauling and maitenance sooner than a big bore say Cat C11 or C13 or C15, or cummins ISX 500, or similar. But then again, oil changes are simpler and cheaper, ect. You will get plenty of use out of the truck for your application, in essences it is still an overkill for landscaping, esp mulch that is very light. Best of luck with it, you will like it alot.
  10. Panhead

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    Don't know why you went with an automatic. Whats ever floats your boat, congrats on the purchase.

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