2008 Mini Fastrak

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  1. amcmac

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    Are there going to be any changes at all to the MFTs in 2008? Also do the MFTs have spin on oil filters for the hydros? Thanks for the help.
  2. mowerconsultant

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    No changes in the Mini FasTrak line up for 2008.
    The hydros do not have spin on filters, they are Hydro Gear EZT's.
    Here is your MSRP pricing.
    Check with your local dealer for your exact price.

    Mini FasTrak, 15HP Kohler / 36" FST15KOH36A (927343) $4,099
    Mini FasTrak, 17HP Kohler / 42" FST17KOH42A (927350) $4,399
    Mini FasTrak, 16HP Honda / 36" FST16HON36A (927376) $4,699
    Mini FasTrak, 16HP Honda / 42" FST16HON42A (927368) $4,899

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