2008 scag / 450 hours / 5,900.00 / good ??


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grand rapids MI.
we have always used exmark but have heard good things about scag ,especially the vac system for fall cleanups.it's a 2008 wild cat with light commercial use.just after expierenced scag owners opionions if this would be a good deal and if it would be a good full time commercial lawn machine.


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dennis ma.
We run scag and they are great for our use. Walk behinds or standers for us. Most important for us is they are pretty much bullet proof. If we do haves a problem our dealer is close by with a great inventory and great service.
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RTR Landscaping

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We run all Scags and I highly recommend them. The Wildcat sells for around $8900 new. 450 hours is low for a good commercial machine. Check the engine and see if it smokes or burns oil, make sure the blade spindles are in good shape. $5900 is a good price, I'd make a counter offer for a lower amount as you never know.