2008 Stander 48" fixed deck

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    Hello, i flipped through the owners manual but nothing really jumped out at me, i was wondering if there was some way to put the mower in "neutral" disengage the drive motors so i can push the unit around without starting it. i know on my toro time cutter there 2 rods at the back that you push in and then the machine will just free wheel.
    this unit also has the smaller 17hp kawi motor on it, i heard some people complain about being underpowered but i got a deal on it and i'm taking my chances with it, but i was also wondering about mulching blades, with my scag w/b and toro z i side discharges with mulching blades on and i found that it chopped the grass fine enough and blew it far enough that it wasn't noticeable. is there a brand or type of mulching blades you recommend?
    and last question for now, i was wondering about setting the deck up, i'm looking for a base height of 3.25", now do you recommend having the blades higher or lower inside of the deck, or adjust the front casters? us there a rake % that should be factoring in to have the front of the deck lower than the rear?

    I hope this makes sence, and thanks in advance for the help
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    There should be a lever on the back of each hydro pump that you can use to bypass the pump. That will allow it to freewheel. That lever is actually a small bolt that gives you leverage.
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    ohhh ok, so thats what they were, lol i thought they looked kinda funny there

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